Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The longest day of fun.

We started the day out at the Seattle Children's Museum. This buckeroo is finally old enough to enjoy it.

I think they spent half an hour playing with these bones.

Then we met up with Pamela et al at the big fountain.

This is what a selfie looks like trying to fit three kids in. The whole goal was to try and fit the iconic arches in of the science center. Oh well. That was our next stop.

Soon my babies won't fit into the dinosaur print.

This time J just made the baby look at the picture.

Butterfly dreams do come true! This girl finally had one land on her. Then after I took the picture one landed on me and another on M3. Then I had to try really really hard to keep the baby from ripping the wings off the creatures. I kept trying to shake them off but of course they didn't budge.

This was by far the baby's favorite spot.

 After this we ate some overpriced science cafe food because there had been waaaaaay too many adventures. Then we rode the monorail to the Westlake center and bought entertainment and provisions so we could meet Husband at the timbuk2 store. He won a free custom bag and gave it to me! I couldn't help but laugh as I was picking out the options. My kids were literally eating a box of pocky.

You've got to love it when stuff hits you right in the demographic.

Then we went to facebook for dinner. Longest day of all time. We survived it though and enjoyed most of it.

Smores Party and Alpacas

We invited a bunch of friends over to eat smores and meet the alpacas. 

This is how Alpacalips got his name.

I've forgotten how fluffy they were.

Right now the brown one's name is Glen Coco, like from Mean Girls.  You go Glen Coco. He's my favorite animal because he lets me harness him and then tolerates being pet.

I love these creatures! They are seriously so fun.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Life in June

I got tangled up in arm knitting

This boy loves to empty the drawers and then sit in it or use it as a stool. I found him one day hanging off that top drawer with his feet in the bottom one,

No guilt or shame for this one.

My fantastic Marde Dos came to visit the day after sister weekend and Husband planned a wonderful trip to Whidbey Island to see Fort Casey

It was such a clear day and so beautiful, but a little chilly still because of the wind.

It's hard to get the scale of the guns and heights in pictures but my kids were giving me heart attacks. Not nearly enough guard rails for kids their size.

We also went and checked out the lighthouse nearby.

I love that I have an entire new state of beautiful places to explore.

 There were also lots of deer around that I still find delightful.

My friends spoiled me for my birthday and my friend Constance made me the most amazing mini strawberry bundt cake with cupcakes for the kids.

Lezlie Hansen dropped off chocolates and flowers.

We also hiked around Farrell Mcwhorter park. The city of Redmond runs a little farm in the middle of it.

We also grabbed some Pho and boba.

Peonies blooming in my front yard may have edged out calla lillies as my favorite flower.

J had a gymnastics meet and did so great.

Her friends Parker and Sydney also take class with her.

Their amazing kindergarten teacher came to cheer them on. I love that woman so much!

This was from mother's day, but I had to snap a picture of it before letting it go.

After my mil left, Katie and Jesse came to visit! I love all the company! We visited Pike Place and rode the monorail.

We went to the Seattle temple and at fancy sushi after. Like the restaurant was on stilts on Bellevue lake. It was really good sushi too.

Jessie and I went for a little hike so that I could show her how big the leaves grow here.

She looked up and said, "Tree stars!" like the Land Before Time. Now I totally see it.

M3 decided to climb up the back of the stool onto to counter to eat some chips. In 5 seconds flat while I was making a lunch on the opposite counter. That baby!

M had his last day of preschool. We loved Miss Michelle and Miss Trish.

These two have a special bond and she just wanted a picture with him.

The Quillens were in town and came by for a quick hello. That became and even quicker goodbye when it appeared Korrali bit through her lip after falling off a chair. We're trying to convince them to move to Washington.

 M went on Priesthood commemoration campout. He refused to leave this popcorn alone and had to open it early.

I built a retaining wall for the alpaca den. It was a total beast to level.

They made these cute popcorn things for their Pop in primary.

Sometimes your sister puts you in dress up hats and leis

He can reach things on top of the table now and it's making my life much harder.

He also likes to crawl while in this tent and move it impressive distances away from the playroom.

I gave M a haircut and did a mohawk. His response to seeing it, "Now cut it off."

This was a very impressive home depot run with two young boys.

But with the help of Annika Riddle and Rachel Trulock, I finished the final wall.

I finished crocheting a little cardigan for a pregnant friend.

And I made a pillow cover with arm knitting. You use your arms instead of needles and the course on creative bug is well worth the $5.

J had her last day of school. She had a great year and has grown so much! She is excited for first grade but says she will miss the fun things from kindergarten like choice time. Her beloved Mrs. Haaland said how J had become one of those special students that sink into your heart, ones that never get forgotten. We feel the same way about her teacher.

This boy's request for summer was to have a water balloon party. I made it a water party with a 100 foot slip and slide.

Lil Sis helped me with the water blob. The trouble was that my hose didn't reach far enough to put the blob where we wanted it. It's essentially a water bed full of food coloring and glitter, a tarp with the sides melted together. Well Lil Sis was convinced we could just roll the bajillion pound thing to the right spot. Well the rolling put too much pressure on the seam and it start to spring leaks. Then the blob started rolling down the hill, veering the wrong direction. I tried to get it to change course but the momentum of a hundred gallons of water took out my ankles and it was the most comically part of my week. I wish we had a video of the hulking, leaking mass traveling down the hill like a 50's horror movie. It found spot to land way beyond the mark with lots of leaks, but Lil Sis did the best triage she could, even brought a hot iron out. It sort of worked. 

The kids had much more fun on the slip and slide. You know, 20 minutes before the end of the party when the sun finally came out and delivered the 75 degrees we were promised.

We hiked Redmond watershed preserve with the Riddles. Their family has the perfect compliment of ages for us to have a stellar time. You will be seeing many adventures with this crew.

J wanted to work on art so I did some brush lettering practice and we did a watercolor class on creative bug together. She is illustrating my work and I think her additions looked great.

Here was my watercolor explorations.

M wanted to paint to and asked for a brush. I brought out one of my good ones but he declines. "No, I want to use one of the transwoocent ones." He meant one of my waterbrushes, but where did the kid learn translucent and use it correctly?

One of my first friends up here and go to babysitter to trade with, Anna Krey, moved :( We through a little potluck going away party at the park.

M climbed to the top of this and was yelling something at me. I was ignoring him so he convinced a stranger to walk over to the ramada and "tell my mom to come take a picture of me. She's in the orange shirt." Glad to know my neon rash guard is useful identification. The guy couldn't help but meet the demands of my little 4 year old tyrant and did as instructed. I was laughing so hard I had to oblige.


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